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About Supplex!

You will find your Active wear to be of the highest quality Supplex®. At Mode Risqué we are confident you will be more than impressed by the quality of the material and of our designs. When you purchase from our range of Active wear you are investing in a quality product. If you take the time to be active and fit and your goal is to look and feel great, why not do it comfortably, in style with fashionable BrazilianActive wear from Mode Risqué.


Supplex fabric offers consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fibber technology. We all like the look and feel of cotton, and its natural texture and aesthetics make it the fabric of choice in many garment categories. But even cotton has shortcomings - garments tend to crease and shrink and colors fade. A Supplex fabric combines the traditional appeal of cotton and the performance benefits of modern fibber technology.


This makes our Active wear:


  • Fully Breathable
  • Able to Hold their Shape
  • Faster Drying than Cotton by 50 minutes 
  • It will not wrinkle, shrink or fade
  • Keeps vibrant colors long after repeated work outs and washings
  • Odor, wind and water resistant
  • It is 26% to 36% softer and lighter than standard nylon
  • Resistant to abrasions, punctures and tears.
  • More comfortable
  • It will not fuss or pill


Supplex® combined with Lycra- is a fusion of softness and stretch - with Lycra® stretching up to 500%, then springing back to its original shape. You will feel a soft body hugging fit allowing for amazing freedom of movement.


Your Supplex Active wear will stay looking new longer. Allowing you to enjoy the new addition to your wardrobe for many years to come. It is also very easy to care for, please read our Laundry Care Recommendations article.

About the Mar Rio Brand

Mar Rio initiated its activities in the beach fashion segment in 1983, with focus established in the quality of customer service, invested continuously in machines, equipment and especially in the qualification of its professionals. 

In a short period of time the company already presented a defined and well placed posture in the national market.

Commitment with the development, constant updates in its mercantile posture, establishment of partnerships with the best suppliers in the segment and great evolution in its collections, brought a new phase to Mar Rio, in which the natural focus has become the brand structuring. 

Today with its 27 years of existence, Mar Rio has the Know How of a company with strong exportation posture supplying markets like United States, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Portugal among others. Its infra-structure is placed in its private building with 2,215m2 which is localized in an area of 9,000m2. Its technology park is made by electronic and pneumatic sewing machines, CAD system and electronic embroidery machine, that sums a last generation working basis, besides counting with the support of press and marketing advisors, big investments in publicity and strong exposure of its products through medias like magazines and TV shows and participation in international events that aggregate to Mar Rio its deserved status of an important brand in the great fashion world. 

When wearing a Mar Rio’s product, you are sure to be walking side by side with an excellent brand that invests in many sectors, but has as main focus the quality and differential applied in each piece with signature targeted specially to you! 

Mar Rio Fitness Active wear is made in Brazil with Supplex® material from Rosset. Brazilian Supplex material contains: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.

Mar Rio Tops:

  • Size S fits most 32-ABC/34-AB 
  • Size M fits most 34-BCD/36-ABC 
  • Size L fits most 34-DD/36-CD/38-AB

Mar Rio Bottoms:

  • Small fits most XS and S (0-2-4) 
  • Medium fits most S and M (4-6) 
  • Large fits most L (8-10)

About Mode Risque!

As Fashion trendsetter we believe in raising the bar of quality, we believe in unique and exceptionable clothing. the way we raise the bar is by searching worldwide to bring you high quality and stylish apparel at your fingertips. We strive to build an image of excellence for product and services.

Mode Risque was founded in March 2011 by two founders named Igor.G, and Sylvie M.

What really sets us apart from the competition is the better understanding we have for our customers needs due to weight training,modeling, a women’s and a man’s perspective and simply our own experiences shopping online. This translates into a benefit for our customers because of the fresh ideas and innovative products offered. We are bringing the store to you in the comfort of your own home. You may shop at anytime, anyplace because we are online. Creating a wonderful shopping experience.

Come join us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube for the latest news, videos, and pictures from our happy customers. To service you better please give us your feedback, it is of the most importance hearing from you!

At Mode Risque we want you to enjoy your shopping experience. If you have any problems with your purchase or require any additional help, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are here for you - you can contact us through email, phone or Click-to-Call, and our Live chat!


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Our Active Wear is high quality and very Stylish!

Supplex is the best material to use for all your daily activities.


  • Comfortable for everyday wear
  • Fully Breathable
  • Dries quickly
  • Odour, wind, water resistant
  • Resistant to abrasions, punctures and tears
  • 500% stretchable
  • Keeps looking new long after repeated work outs and washings
  • It will not wrinkle, shrink or fade
  • Able to hold its shape
  • It is 26% to 36% softer and lighter than standard nylon

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